There was a time when going abroad to study was expensive thing and only rich people could think of doing it but today the scenario is different. Today kids from even middle-class families can pursue their dream of studying abroad. Its no more accessible to only rich kids.

According to a study there has been tremendous increase in the number of students going abroad to study in the last decade. There are several reasons for that some of the reasons are, limited number of seats availability in good colleges high tuition fee in private colleges in India etc. In the modern world as parents are well educated themselves, they know the value of a good education and feels no hesitation in sending their kids abroad for pursuing higher studies if they can afford it. And why not, if there are not many opportunities available here and instead they find high quality education and the good ranked universities abroad.

Today parents are actively exploring prospects abroad and open to discover options all around the world. Pursuing education abroad is much easier now in comparison to early times. One needs to be open to reconnoiter and grab the various potentials.  There are several options that can help middle class people to think about going overseas to study like

  1. Scholarships
  2. Education Loans
  3. Opting for Countries giving almost free education
  4. And Part-time work opportunities, lets talk about them in detail

There are number of scholarships provided by almost all overseas universities. In fact, there are chances of availing almost 100% scholarships for bright students. USA is one country which offers huge amount of scholarships to Indian students. In order to be eligible for them you need to apply as early as possible also you can take help from any best Study abroad consultants Delhi as they are well aware of the procedures and deadlines of these scholarships.

Education loans is the next broadly preferred option among Indians. Generally, parents prefer to take loan from the nationalised banks as the interest rates are very attractive but there are few private establishments like Credila (HDFC) & Avanse which offers loans with an easier and quicker process.

Furthermore, there are some European countries like Germany France etc which offer almost free education to all students including International students. These countries have state universities funded by the government so as to make education affordable for all the students and are welcoming international students to broadcast multiplicity and make their countries tempting to the international students.

In every country abroad, International students are legally allowed to work part-time along with their studies so as to support themselves for the living expenses. By working part-time during weekends and vacations, they can recover the expenses occurring for food, clothing, books and commutation while living abroad.  

So, all you need is to be a little more attentive and explore the various opportunities available overseas. Still thinking! Stop that and start the preparation for your child’s prosperous future now.