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How much time you need to prepare for the IELTS exam?


If you are planning to take up IELTS exam, this question might come in your mind. The answer may vary from student to student as this totally depends upon student’s level of English. If student A needs 6.5 overall bands and student B needs 7.5 overall scores, Student A may need more time to work if his ability is poorer. Another aspect in your IELTS preparation time is your capacity and the volume of hours you can study per day/week depending on time availability out of your schedule (You may be working, have school/college or family responsibilities that need your time). [...]

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IELTS Writing Test-Tips! The Things You Must Know


Out of all the sections IELTS Writing and Reading are the sections where most of the aspirants gets stuck or find it difficult to score the best. Some have to repeat the test multiple times just because they didn’t get the desired scores in the Writing Section. People face problems with the Writing section majorly because they don’t know what to put where and what are the things that they need to keep in mind while writing. If you aren’t able to crack the exam and get the desired score in 1-2 attempts you may think of taking help from the coaching [...]

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