Why study in Germany:  German economy is the fourth strongest economy in the world. Germany is the most popular study destination the Europe. Germany is one of the largest countries of Europe and also it is the technological and economic dynamo of the Europe. In the last few decades, German universities have experienced an immense increase in the number of international students.

Another major factor that why Germany is so popular is the free education. In Germany all the public universities offer excellent prospectuses and infrastructure. Germany has around 450 State Universities that offer approx. 17,600 degree courses. These degrees are acknowledged for quality and are massively respected in the job market around the world. German universities offer degrees with mandatory Internships and hence the major practical part of the studies helps students in getting into job very easily.

Germany is among the safe countries in the world. You should never worry about the security and being in Germany you can roam around freely day and night.

Education System in the Germany: Germany is famous for the quality of education being delivered at the institutions. In the German Education system, there are two types of universities, Public and Private Universities. Public universities are sponsored by the government and provide free education to all the local as well as international students. Whereas Private universities often charge a very high fee. That is the reason why only 5.5% students get enrolled in a Private university.

Work Opportunities in the Germany: Like other countries International students are allowed to work 20 hours full time and 40 hours part time during the studies in Germany also.

Also, there is Post Study Work Visa in Germany under which all the international students are allowed to stay back and work for 24 months post completing their education.

Cost of study in the Germany:

A lot of international students wants to study in Germany because of one reason that is Free Education. Students just have to bear a very nominal amount of approximately € 500 per semester for exam fee etc. The cost of living expenses in Germany is reasonably low in comparison to the other countries in Europe. Students needs to block € 8640 for one year for the living expenses.