Why study in France:  There are number of reasons why you should choose to study in France be it the educational standards are so high in France or the very renowned and old universities. France has the best quality education and offers outstanding research and development opportunities. People in France are so welcoming and take the education very seriously. The government spends money adequately on educational system so you can have assured of quality education indisputably.  Not only from Europe but France has been welcoming students from countries like USA and Canada as well. According to QS Best Student Cities (2014), Paris was on top of the list.

Study in France

Education System in the France: France has one of the significant educational system.  Small class structures to ensure high instructor involvement is the key of France’s Educational system. Small class sizes and sumptuous instructors leads you to more time and attention required to learn. It also gives opportunities to ask questions and get the help that you are looking for. There are 83 Public universities in France which are funded by the government other than the private colleges. These institutions offers excellent education that too at a very reasonable cost.

Cost of study and Work Opportunities in the France: The government of France sets the average tuition fee at almost all the public institutes and are very inexpensive. One interesting fact about the tuition rates at France’s public institutions is that is equal for domestic and international students. The average cost of fee at a private institution will be up to €10,000 per year. Furthermore, the average monthly cost to survive as an international student in France is around 430 EUR per month or about 5,160 EUR per year. There are sum of grants and scholarships also available for the students in France.

Talking about the work opportunities for international students in France, during your studies you are entitled to work part time upto 20 hours a week off campus. The guaranteed minimum salary for students is € 8.71 gross per hour. And also after completing your education in France you are entitled to a post study work visa of upto 2 years.

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