Why study in Canada:  Canada is not only best known for histrionic mountains, primeval forests and royal lakes but it is also known for its contemporary, liberal, open and easy-going multi-culture as well. Canada is also known for quality education worldwide. Canada proudly boasts of some of the world’s top universities. Canadian universities are acknowledged as best universities for providing high quality education and also for offering degrees which are accepted internationally.

study in Canada

Education System in the Canada: Canada is a stunning study destination, it has been repetitively voted as the most stable economy in the world. Some of the popular cities in Canada are Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary. There are Universities and Colleges in Canada that offers Degrees and diplomas to study. One of the key feature of studying in Canada is “Co-op”. Co-up is a work term provided as part of the program which gives an outstanding opportunity to students to gain practical experience which ultimately helps them in their career.

Work Opportunities in the Canada: While pursuing their studies, all the international students are allowed to work 40 hours full time and 20 hours part time during the semester. If a student goes for a one-year course in Canada he/she gets one-year Post study work visa and if he/she goes for a course that is for two years and above he/she gets three years of post study work visa straight away.

Cost of study in the Canada: The cost of living and tuition fees for international students are largely lower than many of the other popular countries such as the USA and UK. The average cost for undergraduate students is approx. CA$ 14,000 per year. And the cost of living in Canada goes around CA$10,000.

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