Studying abroad is a life-changing experience one can have. It gives the opportunity to explore a new place, a new world, and experience a new culture. Studying Abroad also unlocks the door to personal development and discovery as well. As one learns to make new friends, eat exciting and different cuisines, it surely enhances your confidence and stretches the limitations of your comfort zone.

When you decide to go abroad to study, very first things you do is to look for study overseas consultants nearby you.  When someone dreams of going abroad to study he/she has to see a lot of things as this is one of the biggest decisions one makes. You should look for a consultancy which is determined to help students in the best way possible.  After having decided which country, you want to study in then the next step is to choose the universities you should be applying. Here you can quest for the consultant’s help as they are the experts.

Once the decision is made of shortlisting the universities you want to apply, you should then prepare all the required documents for the application process as the application process is very tricky. This is one of the important steps in the complete process. The application procedure consists of preparing some very important documents like a statement of purpose (SOP) and Letters of recommendation (LOR) other than the Resume. You can seek for your consultant’s help in this matter.

Another important step in this process is taking IELTS exam. IELTS stands for ‘International English Language Testing System’. This exam evaluates the language proficiency of people who are willing to study or work in English speaking countries. IELTS exam is conducted globally by British Council and IDP. I would suggest that you should take IELTS coaching before taking up the exam as these days the level of IELTS exam has risen up very much. So, getting the required score in the given time is highly important so as to save on the money and most importantly “TIME” as if you fail to achieve the desired score in the first attempt, as a result, you will waste a lot of your precious time. Once all the documents are done then you submit the applications to all the universities. You should allow 3-4 weeks’ time to wait for the offer letter to come from the applied universities.

After having received all the offer letters you should carefully zero on the university you will be filing Visa for. Once that is done you should pay the initial amount (you can also opt for Education loan if you wish to) required to get the Visa letter from the university. You should then work on your Visa application and documentation. Once all the formalities are completed you should lodge your Visa file with all the needed documents. Some of the countries have the mandatory round of interview as part of the Visa process. The key to succeeding in your interview is ‘Confidence’ but take care of not being overconfident also. Prepare well for the interview do research over the university and the course you have applied. You can be asked questions like ‘Is the program available in your home country?’ you should be ready with a perfect answer to such questions. You should study the course content of your selected program as well.

Once your visa arrives you should prepare for post visa arrangements like the accommodation (It is always suggested that students should look for a temporary out of the campus accommodation so that they can have better options after reaching their respective destinations) Other than the accommodation you should also make the arrangements for foreign exchange, air tickets and travel cards etc. so as when you are ready to fly you have nothing to worry about.

All the best for your journey of going abroad to study!!